PANASIA Book Exchange, Inc. (PABEI) is a thriving and progressive local printing company that specializes in the production of textbooks, reference books, tradebooks, and other instructional materials for basic and higher education in the Philippines. It offers as well printing and related services to satisfy the exacting demands of corporate, educational, commercial, and industrial clients for marketing collaterals; product branding, packaging, and promotion; and other official publications

PANASIA is a self-contained outfit that can undertake all aspects of the pre-printing process such as concept, design, writing, editing, and layout. It has the capability to execute various tasks promptly and efficiently, and to meet the stringent printing requirements of its international and local clients. Its latest acquisitions, a CTP (computer-to-plate) and a POD (print-on-demand) equipment, make its operations fast and economical.


Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2005, PANASIA has evolved into an efficient, dependable, and technologically advanced printing press in the country. Its operating plant is located in a sprawling 10,800 sq m lot within an industrial site in Quezon City. PANASIA’s commitment to top-quality printing is reflected in its use and application of state-of-the-art technology. It explores the innovations - devices, mechanisms, and processes brought about by the computer age in printing and adopts these breakthroughs for the satisfaction of and added value to customers. The people of PANASIA - from the mechanical operators, technicians, and engineers to the binders and maintenance crew are hardworking, efficient, and productive. They implement the best practices in the business and work in shifts to guarantee a seamless production workflow and on-time product deliveries. During peak production months, this workforce is beefed up with additional hands. PANASIA, to boot, incessantly pursues impeccability and excellence in all printing jobs.


The company’s mission is to provide superior products and services at reasonable cost through the following:

  • prioritizing customer service
  • maintaining the standards of quality printing
  • applying the latest trends in printing technology
  • employing a workforce of printing specialists and skilled technicians


PANASIA’s vision is to be the leading printing solution provider preferred by both local and foreign clients.